Diving into the deep end of wine

About Us

Hello I’m Scott…..


…..and I’m Ewa.


Can you guess which of us is the good influence and which is the bad influence yet?

Our Story

In the world of blogging ours is that classic story, as old as time.

Girl meets Boy.

Girl takes Boy rock climbing.

Boy takes Girl red wine drinking.

Girl & Boy end up together.

Girl & Boy quit their jobs to go travelling. Realise they eventually need to do something so start working towards getting into the businesses they both have a passion about. They then decide to start a blogs about their progress. Original idea I know!

Scott – Wine Vagabond

Originally I’m from Leeds but ended up going to University in Manchester.

My degree was in Business Information Technology and after graduation I moved to Singapore and got a job with an Investment Bank.

Whoh! Don’t leave yet, I worked for an Investment Bank yes, but on the IT side, so I’m not totally devoid of morals; give me a chance.

From Singapore I moved back to London and that’s where I called home till the travel and wine bug got me.

I’ve always loved wine and when the opportunity came up that would allow me the time to more fully focus on the subject I jumped on it.

I’m hoping this will lead to a role in the wine industry, but if nothing more comes of it then improving my knowledge and getting to try some new wines then I’ll be a happy man.


Ewa – Yoga Vagabond

I come from Poland where I lived until my early 20’s. I spent over a decade in London and lived in Spain for a while.

I am always on the go and simply could not do a day without moving and exploring what’s around us.

For me life is a journey and adventure, the world is the best teacher and yoga is the approach.

If you want to move together with me, learn some new stuff about places or find out how to stay happily empowered on and off your mat, read my posts.

In 2019 you will find me on yoga adventures in India and various places across the European continent.

May all beings be happy and well.


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